2024 Price List

Membership Class                                                                              Annual Fee
Single – Full Membership                                                                   £70.00
Family – Full membership including spouse/partner                    £105.00
Community membership:                                                                   £35.00

Fees are paid annually from the 1st January. Fees are approved each year at the AGM. These fees are applicable from the AGM onwards.

Members joining the Club after 31st July receive a 50% discount on their first year’s membership fee.  Members joining after 31st October pay the full annual fee and this then includes payment for the following year.

Categories of Membership

  1. Single Member – provides full sailing and membership rights to an individual who is over the age of eighteen.
  2. Family Member – provides full sailing and membership rights for two adults (generally husband & wife or co-habiting partners).
  3. Community member – has no membership rights but are kept informed of club events and may take part in club events provided they are accompanied by a full member.
  4. Honorary member – nominated at each AGM.

Single and family membership can include children under the age of 18 to whom they are parent or guardian. Children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian when at the club.

Sailing members are requested, and some supporting members volunteer, to assist with either manning the Race Box or assisting with the rescue boats. The tasks are simple and to start with everyone is deemed to be an assistant.

Members berthing

Berthing is available at the club for full members boats although this is subject to space limitations at the club grounds. Members wishing to keep their boat at the club should discuss this with the Harbourmaster before bringing their boat to the club. Berthing fees are only due once space has been allocated.

Annual Berthing Fee information is available on submission of membership application with details of boat to be stored at the Club.

Note berthing is only available to full members and at present there is a maximum boat length of 6m.